God Knows

So excited to get this video out!

Really happy to be a part of this piece, so nicely shot! Released in a few days!!

Night Flight

Started work on a new music promo for London-based Night Flight, for their new track ‘God Knows’, beautifully shot by DOP Lee Thomas, directed by Chris Thomas.

Let’s Roll

Back in the edit again with director, Chris Thomas, for his short film Let’s Roll. Gradually getting through everything, including a healthy portion of beers!

Jazz Cafe- Live

The promo I recently cut for the Jazz Cafe, Camden and Crowd Company just went live over on Facebook, have a watch and get down to the next event!

Let’s Roll

In the edit with director, Chris Thomas, to work on his new short film Let’s Roll. Fantastic performances, lovely cinematography and a great storyline, looking forward to getting deeper into this one!

Mazda MX-5 RF

Out on location today for pickups for the Mazda job I’ve been working on recently. We needed a few more product shot and I went out to ensure everything was captured. Also had a drive in the car, quite a nice drive!


Started working on a series of short videos for Mazda for the All-New Mazda MX-5 RF.


Finished up the edits on two promos for the Jazz Cafe and Crowd Company, looking forward to seeing these go out!


Working with a good friend to produce his new Director of Photography showreel, plenty of lovely footage to go through!

Jazz Cafe

Getting started on an edit for the famous Jazz Cafe in Camden today, a couple promos to come from this one.